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Our Reasons to Run: Mick

Mick’s story, as told by his Aunt Linda:

Mick is my 10-year-old nephew. In October of 2007 it was discovered that he had a glioblastoma pressing against his brainstem. Glioblastomas are aggressive, fast-growing tumors for which there are currently few treatment options and no known cure. Soon after his diagnosis, my kids were playing around with the name Mick and recognized the letters also formed an acronym for Mighty Inspirational Cancer Kicker. It stuck. With the courage and support of his parents and brothers, Mick has been battling his tumor with determination and resolve.

Mick’s parents have noted that everyone who has ever met Mick became his friend. He’s the kind of kid who lights up a room and makes you happy you had a chance to spend time with him. He is the inspiration behind the Reason to Run 5K. While it is unlikely that he will benefit from this undertaking, in his honor we hope to “pay it forward” by raising enough money to fund one-year of life-saving cancer research. We are thrilled to report that Mick will also mark a five-year victory over his tumor at the same time.

On behalf of all the children battling cancer, thank you for choosing to participate in this event.


Mick at our 2009 Reason to Run Event:






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