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Our Reasons to Run: Alexa

Alexa’s story, as told by her mom, Cristina:

On October 13, 2008, at the age of five, one of the most cherished times in a child’s life, our beautiful daughter Alexa Rico, was diagnosed with a brain tumor, medulloblastoma; a fast-growing type of cancer. It seems like it was just yesterday when we randomly found out her diagnosis. It is an overwhelming disease that has taken its toll on our family and our daughter. If it weren’t for the love of our heavenly father, the continuous prayers of beloved family and friends, the devotion of her aunt “Tete”, and the care of her doctors, this entire ordeal could have been much worse.

Through it all, Alexa has shown incredible strength in dealing with this life altering condition. Amazingly, chemotherapy’s side effects have not been enough to dampen Alexa’s spirit; with that we can assure that her journey will serve as a positive foundation towards fulfilling her future goals. Most adults will never have to experience what Alexa has already had to endure at her young age. The strength she has shown in maintaining high hopes is a testament of our love and devotion. The fortitude displayed by our remarkable child provides us with the comfort of knowing that she is surely to succeed in every endeavor she will face. This tribute is well deserved by Alexa, which we believe has the vision and stamina to overcome all roads traveled. She has chosen to fight cancer with unequivocal character and a positive outlook on this normally crippling experience. She is a formidable and strong-willed human being who chose to run and reach the end of her destiny no matter what adversities life threw her way. Her optimism has given her a strong will to run and meet her challenges head on with absolutely no hesitation; this experience will make my daughter an asset to others who face similar situations, showing them how to deal with problems in a better light. I believe this is Alexa’s gift and reason to run. Go, Alexa, go!



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